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Join Dr. Lexx for this 37-minute webinar where she walks you through:

1. What Sex Positive means for caregivers.

2.  How to examine your own values and those you want to pass on along with those you don't.

3. Learning where you fall on the sex positive spectrum regarding a variety of sexuality topics.


There are interactive pieces that Dr. Lexx invites you and your sex positive community to engage in, pause, rewind, and discuss at your leisure. With this webinar, you get Dr. Lexx at a portion of the cost, a guiding worksheet, and an opportunity to learn more about being a sex positive parent. This purchase involves one webinar and worksheet for you to complete at your leisure.


Upon purchase of this digital product, you agreed to:

1. Not disseminating the webinar links or product to others.

2. Not re-record or violate intellectual property rights.

3. Not use for commercial purposes.

4. Not share on social media or for public consumption without expressed permission from Dr. Lexx

Webinar: Sex Positive Parenting How To

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