Dr. Lexx is a licensed marriage and family therapist for the state of Missouri and therefore only allowed to do therapy for residents of Missouri. Sexuality education, guest lectures, media content development and curriculum design are services available globally.

Dr. Lexx currently has a FULL CASELOAD and is not taking patients. 

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Individual Therapy

One - on - one

Anxiety. Depression. Stress. Trauma. People seek therapy for a variety of reasons and sometimes just need unbiased support. Individual therapy is the place to get the support you need when you need it most. Meeting with you one on one allows you a safe space to explore what you need to heal.



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For if you're unsure

It is my pleasure to offer a free 10-15 minute consultation to answer any questions and find if my style and practice are the right fit for you. Via phone call, we briefly address your concerns and how I may be of assistance. I also assess if I am the right person for your current challenges and we set up an appointment or I offer referrals.





Want to be a Supervisee? 

This is your opportunity to work with me for AASECT certification. I am happy to be 1 of 2 BIPOC AASECT certified sexuality educators. 

I teach from a constructivist pedagogy and think that supervision is your time to hone your skill with my guidance. 

If you're interested fill out the application (yes application, I'm not for everyone and everyone isn't for me). I want to build bridges of connection with those I supervise and hope they do too. Details in application. 


$80 Group

$100 Ind.

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Couples Therapy

Lovers seeking support

Sometimes a couple needs support. Relationships can be hard. Hurt, betrayal, and love can be hard to sort out. As a marriage and family therapist, I work with couples on all sorts of vulnerabilities. This can be pre-marital work, healing from trauma, communication, intimacy issues, and more. In therapy, we work together for the benefit of your relationship.




Comprehensive Sexuality 


During this workshop you will learn 5 key factors for comprehensive sex positive interviews, what to do when working with a couple and how to navigate sensitive situations during sexual interviewing.
Work with Dr. Lexx in interactive didactic learning meant to appeal to multiple learning styles to help your comfort with assessing sexuality for your clientele. 
*CEUs can be offered.*



Family At Church

Family Therapy

Generations seeking healing

Families are complicated. Every person has needs to be met and needs that aren't. Working with a family is a delicate balance of uplifting voices and depleting blame. It is my job to support each family member while helping the unit to work, learn and love together.




Keynote & Media

Want Dr. Lexx to speak? 

From the news to popular social media platforms Dr. Lexx delivers engaging thoughtful content catered for your audience. 


News, print, media, vloggin' and more, Dr. Lexx enjoys it all and wants to support your following! 

Click 'contact now' to check Dr. Lexx's availability for your event. Include your need, audience, and compensation. 





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