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Adolescent Sexual Development

A 45-minute workshop walks through various stages of sexual development for youth. This inclusive workshop includes body shifts, attitude shifts and expectations of sexuality-based behaviors by age, including what to look for as indicators of harm or trauma. Ideal class size can vary and works for parenting groups, organizations, teachers, school districts, and healthcare agencies.


Pardon Your Bias?: Building interrupts Throughout ecosystems

A 90 minute workshop including Several Frameworks about the insidiousness of bias, personal Stories of success and failure, and a few ways to interrupt bias and break negative feedback loops of oppression. Great for small groups, organizations and corporations looking for ways to apply multilevel intervention. Lecture based discussion delivered to 200 people at one time previously.

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Custom Workshop

Don't see what you need, inquire about a workshop below. Dr. Lexx. Custom workshops can be created for your specific organizational needs. Keynotes, professional development, department training, and more. Inquire below with a request. 

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Being a Sex Positive Parent

An interactive webinar that covers what a sex positive parent is and isn’t. How to become more sex positive as a parent and provides resources that parents and their families can utilize to develop a healthy, sex positive atmosphere for their family.  Ideal class size can vary. Workshop is best for any type of caregiver or person who desires to be a caregiver to any youth.

Lesbian Couple with Son

Parenting, Sexting & Porn

60 minutes of some difficult realizations. This workshop is interactive and filled with case studies and interventions to help caregivers support youth who will eventually encounter porn. Interventions are sex positive and legal. Workshop size limited to 50 people.

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Sexuality Educator Antiracist Training:

A 5-hour workshop specifically designed for sexuality educators with an understanding of Critical Race Theory, Trauma Responsiveness and Intersectionality. The course provides applicable practice interventions to interrupt systemic, interpersonal and intrapersonal racism in the field of sexual health education. Size <25 people per training and ideal for individuals who are sexual health educators.


The Black Girls’ Guide to Getting Rid of Sexual Shame TM

Dr. Lexx walks you through how to use her trademarked sexual shame intervention model. The method she uses equips you with the ability to talk about sexuality and work with clients around sexuality-based shame. Her model takes no less than 3 hours, although 6 hours would be most ideal. Comes with handouts to keep and share with clients in the work you do, because you will have an entire takeaway method to apply. Limited to 100 people.


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