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Happy Couple

Premarital  & Marital Coaching

Supporting Relationships One Change At A Time

Happy Senior Couple

Are you looking to get married? 

Do you want a relationship check up? 

You want something, but not therapy specifically...

Sounds like Coaching is for you. 

Dr. Lexx is training in Prepare-Enrich, an assessment tool that provides you with a wealth of information including strengths and places to grow. Thru 4- 8 sessions, you and Dr. Lexx work through the strengths & sticky points to strengthen your lovership. 

This services is ideal for *lovers who want to touch base, get premarital therapy, or revitalize their relationship. 

*Lovers in any global location are eligible*

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Lover Lessons in Intimacy & Conflict Management

Supporting Relationships One Change At A Time

If you want to rekindle the love, enjoy some challenging conversations and work together while in a group setting (which helps offset costs too!) 


is for you! 

In this 8 week course, a small group of lovers walks through Dr. Lexx's best selling workbook. Yes, you can do it alone, AND you'd miss out on the perks of the program. Over the course of 8 weeks you get: 

A. Weekly 2 hour group sessions to process through your work for that week. 

B. A group equally as motivated as you to get this right. 

C. One One-on-One session with Dr. Lexx 

D. A SWAG kit that includes the main workbook in print & useful goodies

E. Access to an exclusive group even after your cohort has completed their session.

All of this for 

$525.00 per couple

*Lovers in any global location are eligible*

*Triads and Polycules please email for pricing*

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