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Therapy Services

Accepting New Clients

Individual Therapy

Anxiety. Depression. Stress. Trauma. People seek therapy for a variety of reasons and sometimes just need unbiased support. Individual therapy is the place to get the support you need when you need it most. Meeting with you one on one allows you a safe space to explore what you need to heal.

Potential clients must reside in Missouri or Pennsylvania.


Per Session: $125.00

4 Sessions: $450:00

8 Sessions: $875.00


Couples Therapy

Sometimes a couple needs support. Relationships can be hard. Hurt, betrayal, and love can be hard to sort out. As a marriage and family therapist, I work with couples on all sorts of vulnerabilities. This can be pre-marital work, healing from trauma, communication, intimacy issues, and more. In therapy, we work together for the benefit of your relationship.

Potential clients must reside in Missouri or Pennsylvania. 


Per Session: $150.00

4 Sessions: $550.00

8 Sessions: $950.00

1. Research

Dr. Lexx is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the states of Missouri and Pennsylvania. She is also a certified sexuality educator and supervisor who specializes in sex therapy. She is only able to treat people who live within those states. 

2. contact

If you're a current resident of MO or PA and interested in working with Dr. Lexx reach out at the button below to learn about availability & if you all would be a good fit.  

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Once you and Dr. Lexx have a conversation and find that you are a good fit, she will onboard you to her HIPAA Compliant Electronic Medical Record where you will consent to treatment, place a card to charge on file and read through the policies of the practice. 

Once all parts are signed electronically, you appointment will be scheduled and you will be notified. 

4. show up &
Do the work

Therapy is hard work. It can often cause emotional pain to resurface, friction in relationships, and uncertainty. Therapy can also be  supporting, educational, and healing. 

Dr. Lexx's favorite part of therapy is supporting people in a safe environment while supporting them on their healing journey. 

How to get a therapy appointment

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