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Sex education is a right for everyone. As a sexologist, Dr. Lexx often says people only hear the S-E-X part of the word and often miss out on the 'ologist' or 'uality' part. Learning about sexuality is fundamental for all from womb to tomb. Dr. Lexx practices this through education, her therapy and in her own life with her own family. Through SexEd4Dads and The Institute Dr. Lexx brings #ShameFreeSexEd to others. 


Dads have a significant impact on the sexuality of their children. No, not the orientation (who they are attracted too)- the sexuality- meaning, how they see themselves and how they are able to relate to others. 

Dads are also neglected in this realm of education as there is an assumption that there is always another parent or caregiver (typically a mother or grandmother) around for the father. This is not the case and the deficit is not fair for fathers. 

Dads need information and want to be involved in the raising of their children, which means taking care and educating them about sexuality too. Dads need to know about puberty, hygiene, consent navigation and more. 

SexEd4Dads is an online social media platform meant to do just that. Equip dads with tools to help them be there for all the choices. 


The Institute for Sexuality & Intimacy, LLC is an AASECT approved continuing education provider. As lead educator, Dr. Lexx delivers her trainings through the education arm of The Institute. Service professionals, lovers, throuples, and polycules can all learn from Dr. Lexx's sex positive approach. Some trainings include, but are not limited too: 

Being a Sex Positive Parent

Adolescent Sexual Development

Sexuality Educator Antiracist Training

Pardon Your Bias?: Building interrupts Throughout ecosystems

Parenting, Sexting & Porn: 

The Black Girls’ Guide to Getting Rid of Sexual Shame TM

And more. Trainings can also be specially curated for your needs. Scroll to read testimony about Dr. Lexx's trainings and check out Dr. Lexx's media kit to learn more about her presentations.


Young Businesswoman

Group Attendant 

"As a fellow educator learning from you and the way you present was so awesome and the way you made me feel. It was a brave and nourishing space."

A young woman talking on the radio

Masters Student 

Dr. Lexx is extremely helpful in bringing in a variety of perspectives and raising questions that are being considered in class discussions.  She is particularly good at helping students parse cultural differences. 

A Young man wearing headphones

Webinar Attendant

The B.R.I.E.F.S model is an awesome, clear path for breaking shame and guilt

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