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Dr. Lexx Brown-James

     Dr. Lexx is a phenomenal sex therapist, educator, and media consultant. The #CouplesClinician runs The Institute for Sexuality and Intimacy, LLC and is an Amazon best-selling author twice over! She’s the coolest nerd you'll ever meet and she’s passionate about helping others build, maintain, and perpetuate true relationship intimacy with #shamefreesexed.

     For Dr. Lexx, therapy work helps people heal from  relationship distance, intimacy challenges, depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma.  Her educational work teaches others about sex positive comprehensive sexuality from an intersectional lens. It is The Institute's mission to deliver sex positive, comprehensive, gender expansive, adipositive, culturally diverse, queer and trans inclusive,  medically accurate, shame free sex education. 

     Combining therapy and education allows Dr. Lexx to create a well rounded experience. Clients, learners, and professionals develop new applicable skills through our work together, whether that be in the therapy office, classroom, professional seminar or keynote.  

Andrea Plaid

     Named one of Ebony.com’s “8 Dynamic Black Women Editors in New Media” in 2013, Andrea Plaid’s work on race, gender, sex, and sexuality has appeared at Newsweek.comVogue.com, In These Times, On The Issues, Bitch.com, and Rewire. Her commentary has appeared on MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry, Huffington Post Live, Chicago Tribune, and Washington Post.


     Andrea’s sex-ed activism started when she co-founded an HIV/AIDS student group, which distributed condoms on-campus and coordinated a concert to raise funds for an AIDS hospice. Since then, she has continued her education with learning about advanced outreach and LGBTQIA+ practices at the New York State Department of Health’s AIDS Institute and at the sex-toy stores Grand Opening! in Boston and Lovers in Los Angeles.


     She is writing the forthcoming stylebook, Penning with the People, for the TFW/University of Arizona Press’ book series. 

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Dr. Lexx sexologist

Therapy is hard work and that hard work pays off. As the #CouplesClinician Dr. Lexx  finds taking care of relationships one of her greatest joys. 


Dr. Lexx is an AASECT certified sexuality educator. Dr. Lexx facilitates small group supervision for those seeking certification

If you are needing a check in or some short term strategies to meet your relationship challenges, Coaching services are for you. 


Dr. Lexx has experience on television, radio, podcasts, social media, and print. Contact her for appearances.